History of Slot Machines

And so that you understand how slots have developed into the modern games that are now available in online casinos, we would like to introduce you to the history of slot machines from the first slot machine to modern video slots.

The first slot machine

The very first slot machine was called Liberty Bell and was invented by Charles Fey in San Francisco in 1895, almost a century before the first online slot.

The slot machine consisted of a mechanical system of rollers and levers. The slot had three reels, which rotated and on which pictures of playing cards as well as a Liberty Bell with a tear were printed.

To start the game, you had to pull down the lever on one side of the slot machine and set the reels in motion. Many of the early slot machines worked this way, which explains the name of the one-armed bandit. The lever on one side was the arm, and slot machines were later operated by coin-operated means of pulling money out of people’s pockets – like bandits.

If the three reels stopped after a while and three Liberty Bells were visible in the middle, the player won the big jackpot of 50 cents – that was a lot of money at the time.

The slot machine quickly became extremely popular and heralded the era of slot machines.

The history of the slot machines element01 – CasinoTopSlot machines and fruit slots

In 1902, slot machines were banned in many states in America, but that didn’t stop Charles Fey or his competitors from developing their machines further.

Instead of playing cards, they soon printed fruit or candy on the reels. For example, players could also win real sweets. So if there were three chewing gums, the machine spat out a packet of chewing gum.

Thus, the manufacturers circumvented the ban on gambling for money, but were still able to offer players the excitement and excitement of the game. Due to this invention, slot machines were also called fruit machines or fruit slots in the future.

For many years, slot machines were completely mechanical and powered by operating the lever on the side of the machine. That feeling of pulling the lever and then seeing the reels spin was incredibly satisfying.

The history of the slot machine element02 – CasinoTopAdvances in slot machine technology

After the one-armed mechanical bandits had enjoyed supremacy for a long time, the next big step towards modern slots was finally made in the 1960s. At that time, the first electromechanical slots were developed.

The best known among them is perhaps Bally’s Money Honey. As early as the 1980s, the electromechanical slots were replaced by electrical machines that were only a short time later obsolete and replaced by fully automatic machines that were operated with microprocessors.

With this type of casino slots, larger bets could be made and larger winnings paid out. Slot machines became increasingly popular and could soon be found in almost every leisure club around the world.

The online slot is born

The biggest new step in the development of slot machines since the Liberty Bell was invented is probably the invention of online casinos. These started in the mid-90s and of course wanted to offer their customers the same entertainment as land-based casinos.

And a lot of it is slot machines. Since the slots in land-based casinos also ran completely automatically, it was easy to apply these mechanics to the virtual world.

In the meantime, online slots can offer everything that slot machines in land-based casinos offer and much more. The bonus features are getting fancy and thanks to the random number generators everyone has the same chance of winning.

And the best thing is that you can play online slots anytime, anywhere, so why not give it a try yourself?

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